Meantime PTA




Meantime are currently in the process of completing their first project: meantime1.1.


As a starting point (in August 2008) we decided that meantime1.1 would take the form of a limited edition publication that would double-up as an invitation/call out to other artists to respond to, which in turn would provide the foundation for meantime1.2. We were considering a number of different ideas in response to a variety of sources including ‘October’ (magazine, month, revolution, Eisenstein, Black Monday etc). As our ideas were developing we were all following the collapse of the financial markets and began to make links (with little difficulty) between our area of research and the widespread heralding that capitalism was in fact failing.


We acknowledge that the relationship between art and commodity is one that has been scrutinised on many other occasions and feel that it is essential to continue an engaged response, especially in light of unprecedented developments. Meantime1.1 is close to completion and when final decisions have been fully resolved, more specific information will appear here. In the interim, the archive* section provides ongoing working documentation of our developing ideas and concerns.



*please see archive: meantime1.1 for documentation