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Chicken Mass

Formation | Murder | Killing spree


The plan had been formed through necessity.  Millennia of consumptive servility had resulted in this; a conglomerate of freedom fighting chickens.  In turn, this formation had instantly led to an unwanted appropriation of their main oppressors delicious absolute.  At the apex of the conglomerate stood a strong and highly f[l]avoured leader, presumed to be bestowed with a special knowledge, whom now called upon his thronging brethren to strike against their tweaded oppressor.  As the collective swarmed upon him, they did so in the knowledge (origin unknown) that human and chicken (poultry) tolerable temperature differential was weighted significantly in favour of the fowl.  As the maniacal throng flapped and shook around the enveloped marketer, his core body temperature increased


exponentially to unsustainable levels


incrementally to 41 degrees Celsius.


As his skin began to rip and burst like an un-pricked sausage (minimum meat - maximum water content), so the chicken’s feathers became loose and their fat began to melt in the frenzy.  His eyes popped one by one, bowels emptied and his body sighed and collapsed.  The chickens stopped flapping, but by now, though still alive, they had taken on the appearance, if not the smell of, what they had wanted to avoid. Partially roasted and swimming in an inter-speciel mix of congealing bodily fluids, the pooling fat and carbonised flesh had fused them together, 500 strong, into a chicken mass.  The viscid fat oozed from the mass and partly cooked chicken aroma mingled with shit and salmonella. 

Collectively crushed and attracting every animal in a one-mile radius, the mass had to protect itself.  Having come to resemble a fleshy, slightly flaccid battering ram, so it followed that this would inform its method of defence.  As one animal became ten, the mass became more frenzied, bringing itself down, like a falling/flying log, upon each new enemy.  Blood spurted, limbs fell, stomachs exploded, an eyeball here, a tooth there.  Defence had swiftly moved to joyful killing, as power and adrenaline gripped it.  As word spread of the homicidal chicken mass, so did the myths surrounding it.  Some came with pieces of meat they claimed to have hacked off while escaping, others talked of its unearthly glow and huge teeth.  Mostly though, people brought back true stories of bloody rage alongside the legs, hair, arms, etc of loved ones for burial.


Industry | Profit | Market Downturn


As the months passed and the immediacy and reason for the revolution receded, so exponentially did the masses need to find a purpose increase.  It was a fact of informed knowledge (and unacknowledged desperation) within the mass, that although it’s collective effort to escape was planned but the outcome was not, this did not mean that the outcome was in vain.  As a direct result of demand and technology the chickens had found themselves in sizable enough numbers to not only overcome and destroy their oppressor, but also receive some semblance of a collective intellect.  How else, after all, did they become it?

To the pre-mass chickens, man was a greedy, vicious primate, myopic and backward.  To the post-formation, pre-melancholy mass, this fact had caused a higher intellect to bring the chickens together to strike back.  This self-procured, self justified and self expounded notion led the mass into a awed state at its own creation, physicality, capability and existence.  A supreme and continually apexing marvel, the killing went on and on because that was the mass’s reason for existence.  It was justified in doing so and defined by that very action. Another fact that spurred the immediate post-formation mass on, and offered yet another unsightly example of man’s greed, was that, in actuality, the mass was hunted more for its detrimental effect on the global poultry industry and less for its continuing murder spree.   Although to stop the latter would be, in theory, to halt the former, thus hopefully leading to people forgetting the masses atrocities. The knowledge of chickens wherewithal for organisation and attack, and so fears of revenge attacks if other chickens were killed, would put people off potentially until the end of mankind or the loss of knowledge.

This market downturn had three global outcomes; the first was the death of millions of chickens, the second was the death of hundreds of thousands of various other animals and the third was the rich getting angry and a trifling percentile poorer.  The outcome for the mass, was it suffered a mental collapse.  It was not solely down to the above.  The killing of man and beast over many months had taken its toll and new ideas and thoughts had led the mass to question the root of its supposed existence and purpose.  Of course, to base mental and physical well-being on easily punctured ideas is never a good idea, and it proved to be the case.


Meltdown | Melancholy | Gas |


So the mass had eventually lost its blood lust and found melancholic reflection.  But in-between these two states lay the seeds of the masses destruction.  It would prove not to be man, or indeed anything within relation to the mass’s size (say 100:1) that would kill it, but brainpower and eventually maggots, or maybe flies.  In the months that followed the conclusion of the killing spree, (in fact the pretext for its end) the mass was subject to a great depression.  With all the ideas and facts and crumbling concepts slipping in and out of the mass’s thoughts, time dwindled until it was meaningless.  This resulted in many things, but most importantly it meant that the flies that were attracted to a half cooked chicken mass covered in innumerable body parts on a daily basis, were not washed off or crushed as they would have been previously. 

It now seeped in the midday heat; blood congealed, it was black pudding like.  It had ended its spree covered in viscera, excrement and blood and that was how it had stayed. Theephemera of animals and its own waste had penetrated to its core over the months and the chickens in the middle and bottom had one by one drowned or choked.  The mass was largely dead.  By now it was covered in guzzling flies.  They had been laying eggs in the cracks for weeks now, and the dead flesh of the mass was being slowly consumed.  It was now a fly and maggot mass, lurching and leaking, unable to hold its own weight.  The maggots had started from within, eating the dead members in the middle and causing the masses infrastructure to slowly disappear.  It was only meat and shit, and ultimately easily consumed.