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Meantime is a recently established collaborative group formed after a number of conversations concerning the problems arising from making work within the restrictions (time, fiscal etc) of day to day living. All four members of meantime are based in Edinburgh, are in employment connected with the visual arts (various forms of education) and have young families.  Since leaving college studio time has decreased each year and, certainly since having children, extended periods of time to develop and make work has become virtually non-existent.  The necessary reassessment of methods of practice due to regular shifts in circumstance was something that we all recognised and led us to consider collaborating. Meantime have met in a formal ‘making work’ capacity approximately four to five times a month since forming in late summer 2008, but carry on dialogue via a blog site, from the comfort of domesticity, and in the paid sector (three members are colleagues). We anticipate that our projects will be diverse in scale, content and format.


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Alan Holligan

Jennie Temple

Chris Walker

Colette Woods


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